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Daqota Systems, Inc. - Vision in Motion
Engineered Solutions for Industry and the Manufacturing Process.
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Power Plant Engineering Services

Daqota provides engineering services for power plant design, implementation and upgrading. Daqota has extensive experience in a variety of power generation systems while providing expertise in control systems, mechanical design and electrical engineering.

  • Design /specification: Our detailed design packages include design specifications, drawings, procedures, requirements, quality assurance requirements and material requirements.
  • Project management: We will develop a realistic comprehensive plan and provide the leadership to implement the project within budget to a viable schedule.
  • Mechanical engineering: Daqota provides expertise in all areas of structural and mechanical engineering relating to the power plant.
  • Electrical engineering: We support all electrical design needs for the generation, transmission and distribution of electrical power.
  • Control systems: Design and implementation of control systems for automation, plant monitoring and special equipment synchronization
  • UL certified panel: Daqota is a UL listed panel shop that designs control panels certified to meet the toughest requirements in the industry.

Types of Power Plant Systems

  • Wind Generated Power
  • Natural Gas
  • Bio Mass
  • Coal Fired
  • Hydro Electric
  • Duel Fuel

Power Plant Upgrades

Daqota provides engineering services for upgrading existing power plant control systems. Control system upgrades will maximize the overall plant efficiency, lower energy costs and emissions, and reduce maintenance costs.

List of Daqota power plant projects