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Daqota Systems, Inc. - Vision in Motion
Engineered Solutions for Industry and the Manufacturing Process.
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TruLog 3D

Daqota Systems TruLog 3D is a truly innovative 3D Scanning, Modeling, Optimization, and Positioning System with features and technology unmatched in the veneer industry.

With the implementation of full profile scanners and laser line technology TruLog 2.0 optimizes centering solutions using over 3 million solution points and uses these data points to produce the best optimized centering solution.

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Choose from multiple solution methods to best fit your production methods. Experiment with multiple solution methods without compromising your yeild using our innovative post scan analysis software.

Log scan data points are saved to the log database allowing you to retrieve your scan data and choose new solution methods to analyze and choose the solution methods that work best for your product.

Comprehensive log data and production reports and analysis tools allow you to make better production decisions.

Scanning Soft Wood Scanning Hardwood

Whether you peel Softwood or Hardwood, TruLog 2.0 will give you significant recovery gains providing you with an early ROI and better use of your log dollars.

Payback is even faster if you integrate TruLog 2.0 with a Daqota Servo Closed Loop Carriage Drive System and improve your cycle time by 0.5 to 2.0 seconds by reliably and repeatedly positioning the carriage to within one log revolution of the highest corrected point on the log. For production oriented lines with an example of 3000 block per 8 hour shift you can expect to see a production gain of 156 to over 300 blocks per shift.